Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MOM!, There's blood in my oatmeal!

Today I made Nolan his usual morning breakfast,  Oatmeal (his favorite).
He prefers cinnamon and sugar but I was out so I made him Strawberry oatmeal. While the water was getting hot, I played tug-of-war with Snowflake, our 12 pound chihuahua. Her preference is to play with a sock. So as I was "tugging and warring" she lost grip and bit me (on accident). I stopped and went to finish making Nolan his oatmeal. When he sat down at the table he immediately jumped up and ran to me. "Are you ok mom?" I said, "Sure, I'm fine. Why?" He said, "You bled in my oatmeal." I had to reassure him I was ok and that Snowflake had not drawn blood. He did eat his breakfast after some convincing that it was strawberries and not my blood. Being a mommies boy, he looked my hand over to see for himself that I was not bleeding.
However, on Halloween, I could get him good with a little red food coloring if I wanted to really scare him.... We shall see.....
HaPpY HaLlOwEeN ( I typed it like that just for you Bella & Elizabeth)!

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  1. That is funny... and very sweet! He is such a good kid! You should scare him a little with the food coloring. :)
    I like it that I can hear your voice as I read this.